Ani Difranco Guitar

ani difranco guitar
Ani DiFranco playing 78% H20 from her new album Reprieve!

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Am I lesbian?

When I was in college, all were in a lesbian feminist club, heard Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, and plaintive folk music. smoking weed and other drugs. In general, hates men. I was totally attracted sexually by women in general, but I have always been "one of the boys. "I played sports in high school university, he heard heavy metal, played guitar in a band, but stayed away from drugs. I am attractive but I always wear boys. I do not understand women. They seem so malicious and full of drama. Sometimes I wish I was born as a man. I can not tell if I'm trans, lesbians or bi. I like having guys like my peers, but physical relationships with men that I get bored and zone, no matter how attractive the guy is. I think you can when is it going to be higher. I do not meet girls who go out with girls, though. What's happening? Am I lesbian?

Only two criteria for being a lesbian, you must be a girl, and you have to be attracted to other girls and not with children. It everything. No matter what type of clothes you wear what music you listen to, what sports or hobbies you like, or who are your friends, it is their way of life, not his sexuality.

ani difranco guitar