Play Guitar Through Computer

play guitar through computer
Freya – The Sword: guitar plugged into computer speaker…

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Will it hurt my guitar amp for playing music through it?

I have a Line6 Spider 212 amps guitar. 20-50 watt speakers I think. His total of 100 watts, I know. I have my computer connected to the port via a standard adapter from stereo to mono. How long does it take to spoil anything the amplifier?

All you have to ruin something on you guitar amp, is a short-circuit or overvoltage. VERY RARE. It is perfectly to play music through it, it's just the same as the guitar in it. However, now with voice and your voice is very high, namely, amplifiers speaker has to move more to the voice, which can overheat and melt the subwoofer. I would call the company that is made by and ask you to hurt, just to make sure they like it or not.

play guitar through computer

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