Easy To Play Guitar Tabs For Beginners

easy to play guitar tabs for beginners
Fur Elise by Beethoven on Guitar – Beginner Tab Lesson Tutorial Classical Tablature

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good guitar for beginners here?

Well, I play the guitar for about 6 weeks and we learned a few songs, but I start short of things to play this song every search ends up being difficult for me to play I want to find something easy 2, but not easy. (N logical learning something without asking me) if some1 could give me some ideas or send a link to the page that is very popular at the Rock Im and metal, I mean two lots of Metallica, so nothing that would be great (Y) thank you in advance:)

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana Leave Me Out – Israel's Son Silverchair Silverchair – Like A Stone – Audioslave Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Eclipse – Soundgarden Feeling Good – Muse my own prison – Creed All these songs are part of the rock / Metal kind and easy to play. Try to learn to make the list because I wrote more or less in order of difficulty. I would like stay away from that of Metallica, for now, I played a little over a year and still can not play all songs by Metallica full If you're interested in learning to sing and play guitar, then I recommend Wish You Were Here, which appears and Polly – Nirvana. All these songs can be found on this site: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ Type in the song you want and try to find one with the best star rating for the best version. Have fun well:)

easy to play guitar tabs for beginners