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How easy is it to learn acoustic guitar?

I enjoy the acoustic guitar, but do not know how to learn without classrooms. I am now in Grade 6 piano and took my grade 5 violin viola combined for 5 years and continue to play the viola, so it would be a beginner absolute. Moreover, I not good enough, almost perfect, if that helps. I do not want lessons from the reviews, so I do not have time for more music lessons, but my dedication to teach me. Thank you!

Hello! I was in the same boat that was 3 years old when my first guitar and have not taken a lesson since. If you have a good sense of pitch and tone, it's really not too difficult. First I get a guide guitar starts your local guitar shop. It teaches you just the basics of guitar, and later can be upgraded your progress. Learn techniques basic open practice agreements and scratching techniques. With practice, improve with time. If you want to learn to read music is yours, but you can still see the tabs on the Internet for their favorite songs. Try ultimate guitar.com As for the guitar goes, I suggest you go to your local guitar shop and ask them to play a couple for you. Here's a good beginner one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Takamine-G-Series-G340-Acoustic-Guitar-516421-i1148978.gc?CJAID=10449560&CJPID=1759905. Have fun!

learn guitar pitch