How To Learn Guitar Licks

how to learn guitar licks
Learn the Blues EZ Guitar Licks Lesson part 6 ala Gary Moore

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I'm trying to teach me guitar?

I am the type of rock, metal, IDK, what weapons Roses, Metallica, AC / DC, you know the guitar solos and shredding of the sick and lame and stuff, so I'm a les paul epi over and let me know how to approach learning. if anyone can, and the list of what you should focus chronologically. for example, "First, learn the basics (collection, etc.) and then learn agreements and notes, sweep picking appreggios ……..,,. "THANK YOU and I have a burning passion for the guitar so please help me to learn that I play the guitar wrong

and if you must memorize the names of the strings and if someone says the name string to be able to scrape a string without looking. Indeed, the string names of the thickest to the thinnest is E, A, D, G, B, E. An easy way to remember that every day is to eat a good breakfast. Then, must learn a song as simple as beginners of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple (You can learn songs mentioned in ultimate Or something in that area that is easy to play (I recommend this song because it was the first thing I have learned). Then you need to learn the chords of a simple song, something like Wild Thing, who need to master it and be able to go online fast cable. After you learn scales and be able to master these play this fast. As there are nearly ready to play. You can count on ultimate songs where you type the name of a song and shows you the tabs on the rise people (I recommend the higher nominal). Then you can start interfering Metallica. which is the only group that I want to enumerate. I hope this helped

how to learn guitar licks