Ibanez V50 Acoustic Guitar

ibanez v50 acoustic guitar
ibanez v50 jampack, martin 80/20 bronze strings

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Ibanez V70 vs. V50NJP?

Theres a price difference of about $ 50, I am in desperate need of an acoustic guitar news. I do not have $ 20 of the v70, I am the money in a few days, but I have enough money to v50 … In addition, the two guitars are almost the same, but only the V70 has a tuner? thank you!

I agree with the other guy, but until you can get really serious, especially if it's only a couple of days or you will regret later. For your information, you should speak of a v70ce (with Saco e) if you have a tuner. This means that it is an acoustic / electric guitar that can be connected to an amplifier and includes a tuner. The V50NJP (Jam Pack) of an acoustic guitar is very cheap with an initial package includes a bag, strap, picks, and probably an electronic tuner separately. The v70ce is certainly the best of both.

ibanez v50 acoustic guitar

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