Learning How To Play The Guitar

learning how to play the guitar

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I started learning to play acoustic guitar. Anyone have any suggestions as to the make and model?

I started learning to play guitar but I do not know. Can anyone make suggestions as to what type of guitar should I get? Thank you very much, Tracy

I would not start with a very expensive guitar you decide if that's what you want. Also recommend that you buy a nylon string acoustic model to begin. They are generally cheaper and easier on the fingers of a steel-string model, while increasing numbness in the fingers. Many models run between $ 200.00 and $ 350.00 for a decent guitar and of course up in the thousands. My suggestion is go to your local music store and talk to them first., Tell them you're a beginner and do not want to spend lots of money, but something decent. They help because he knows he will be back to buy more expensive when you are ready and willing to build this relationship so you can get the best deal. Sometimes the best deal is not the price, but all the extras that can be expected on repairs, lessons equipment etc. at a price because you're a good customer

learning how to play the guitar