Top 50 Greatest Guitar Players

top 50 greatest guitar players
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guitar players Overrated?

I had to ask this! His concerns me! I looked at the list of different 50 to 100 guitar players of all time and Jimmy Hendrix is # 1 and Jimmy Page is No. 2 in all cases. I do not know about you …. but I think quite the contrary! Led Zeppelin inspired many people more and more bands, then Hendrix. Now do not get me wrong …. Hendrix is one of the best no doubt … but a number not in my book! In my opinion, is that death helps them become a status icon! I mean …. Curt watch Cobain I know many people who think he is a god. Sorry … Like some of his songs and was great …. guitarest but not to the point where you call him GOD! Another example is Dimebag! Before his death, nobody said much, but after his death, everybody started …. to call him a god. Do you guys agree that death helps these children to be or not something wrong?

I totally agree. A final 1960s were the two best guitarists Clapton and Hendrix. Jimi's death made his popularity skyrocket over Clapton has the least impact was recognized (which is obviously highly regarded but compared to Hendrix). Another blatant example of this is John Lennon. It is often regarded as the Beatles legend Paul McCartney's Head above in which their contribution is equal to their skills and congratulated each other, but John Paul grew up and still looks good, if the kind of people at the top. If Kurt Cobain was alive he would have the following -? I doubt it. The two major grunge bands Nirvana and Pearl Jam were. I think Pearl Jam has sold Nirvana Cobain's death. Eddie Vedder is placed in the same genus as Cobain now? N -. Should it be? yes. The best for the careers of many artist is to die young. Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain, Elvis, Lennon, etc. etc. They have no chance of age and (probably) irrelevant. His uncomfortable for a child 16 years as an artist of 65 years, but still Jimi was 27, so it can

top 50 greatest guitar players