Learn To Play Guitar Using Tabs

learn to play guitar using tabs
How to Play Jazz Guitar : Using Octaves in Jazz Guitar

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What is an easy song to play guitar?

I just learned to play guitar and I am very well and I learn a song very soon, but I'm looking for a song easy to learn guitar tabs. I would also like a song I like. Like the things like alternative / punk type rock songs such as Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, etc. so any idea of a good song to start? PS should be simple, so do Kapos and so on.

www.ultimate-guitar.com and can search labels: D Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes Girl All the bad want by Bowling for Soup (intro only) Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream (main riff) Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple are all very easy to play songs

learn to play guitar using tabs