Learn To Play The Electric Guitar

learn to play the electric guitar
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must learn to play the acoustic guitar before electric guitar?

is that one of my friends told me that you must learn to playing acoustic guitar before learning to play electric. Is this true? or is it just learning to play the electric guitar up close?

The short answer is no, but the response is the duration of learning on an acoustic help in the long term. Acoustics are more difficult to play because the strings thicker and increase your finger strength faster than an electric motor. After months of practice in acoustic power is be much easier to play and you have strength enough fingers to play chords easily. Acoustic guitars also tend to develop the calluses on their hands faster play the guitar a lot less painful once you start playing for hours. Acoustics are cheaper than electric because not need to buy an amplifier, cables, etc. with him and it will be something to play if you do not want to put money to play the guitar at first. So basically, no need to learn about acoustics, but it will be beneficial.

learn to play the electric guitar

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