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download how to play guitar videos
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I'm really desperate to learn the guitar and need help?

Ok, so I've been watchin a lot of videos and play a lot of guitar hero and I grew a bit like everything about the guitar. I specifically download songs if they have awesome guitar solos. if anyone can point thatll be great. but I really want to know where to start if you want to learn to play. my brother has a guitar sound like it is new so I thought I could use. I do not know where to start. may be too late? IM 15

It is never too late to learn. If you are really serious about playing. You want to take lessons and learn the theory and (learning chord structure is the best I could never do). NOT make a habit of learning to play only from chips. Find a credible teacher and you want to start playing on an acoustic guitar. In my opinion, everyone should learn to play piano at first, but it's just me: p

download how to play guitar videos