Death Metal Guitar Playing Tips

death metal guitar playing tips
Top Ten Solos (Metalcore, Hardcore, Melodic Death Metal, etc.)

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trying to form death metal band,any tips?

i myself sing-earlier sounding cannibal corpse minus the high pitch
my friend plays guitar -been playin for about 2 yrs
cant play solos yet
but rythm and some lead he could do fine
the main problem is i suck at instrumental stuff and he wants to make music but it hards with only one guitar player?
also we have no prior band experience
so any tips on to go about finding members and tips for how to make music??

Plenty of bands have done just fine with only one guitarist – take Deftones, for example. Up until their self-titled (the one after White Pony) Stephen Carpenter was the only guitarist, and even then, Chino only picked up the guitar to do little noodly riffs and fills and all that.

My first suggestion is to get a rhythm section, ie a drummer and a bassist. You can advertise in your local paper, craigslist, and go to local shows that like-minded people might go to… go and chat people up, mention that you’re trying to start a band, get conversations going, that kind of thing. Face to face will sometimes get you further than an ad, y’know?

Other than that, it’s time to learn how to program a drum machine. There are tons of resources for making beats with various programs – I absolutely guarantee you that if you search a little bit you can find programs that you can do this with for free! (google “rhythm rascal”, for instance)

Learning how to program drums isn’t all that easy once you start getting into the death metal stuff, honestly, but something is better than nothing – that, and learning how to play to beat and in time isn’t easy, not at first! Just make a basic beat and loop it and jam out to it, and see what happens.

You can always take this opportunity to either pick up a guitar or bass and play along, too – playing and singing isn’t easy, especially at first, but it’s something to challenge you, and what else are you going to do, stand around and growl for a few hours while your buddy hacks out death metal riffs?

Look, it’s a process. It takes time to get good… so whatever you do, try to have a good time doing it… be serious about it, of course, you want to be dedicated to your music, but have a good time with it too… you know what they say “all work and no play…”

You’ll figure it out – good luck!


death metal guitar playing tips