Easier To Play Guitar Or Bass

easier to play guitar or bass
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Is it easy to play bass? Or easier than a guitar?

I want to learn to play guitar i heard more easily under its then guitar? It's the same thing? Depends on gender? Can someone give me some information about this wil take time to learn a person? someone avraage

It is not necessarily easy, but it is difficult to compare the two because they are very different instruments. Guitarists think often as a bass guitar with four strings and assume that can play. But most guitarists bassists are horrible, and I do not understand why the lower part of the rhythm section. Treat the bass as if it were a guitar and try to squeeze notes as much as possible in a song, make sound while playing messy and noisy. If you have natural rhythm and a reasonable sense of melody, there's no reason why it should not be able to learn to play bass (not really a "low" – is a portable version of a bass). Most people learn by playing music they like and adjusting the tones you hear. If you practice every day, which will naturally develop the ability to match lines bass CD with very little effort. Once you're familiar with where the notes on the fretboard (no need to learn to read music), you focus more about the rhythm. A good bass follows the rhythm of the drum and the roots essentially the melody with rhythm. If you play music, naturally, you start "Feel" the role played bass in a band. Bearish locking into a groove with the drummer and provide a link between the drums and guitars. It is difficult to explain, but it's almost an instinct bears. When I had my first bass, I played with about a dozen of my favorite songs in a month or two. Then I started branching out to other music and improve my skills. In one year, I joined a band and is able to apply what they learned from their music without any problems. And the more I play, the more my bassist instincts I have. In a few years I been considered a low coveted. Another advantage to playing the bass is always in demand. Guitarists are a dime a dozen, and everyone seems to play guitar. But not many people play bass because it is not considered a glamorous instrument. Accordingly, a decent bass player does will never struggle to find a group. If you are one of those people who always drumming on furniture or foot movement to music, you've doubt make an excellent bassist. And if you're interested in playing both bass and guitar, is always better to play bass in the first place. Bears have a smoother transition to the guitar, as they are respectful of the serious role in Section rate. But guitarists do not seem to understand what makes a rhythm section, that we focused exclusively on the melody. That's why ruin the sound of a band when they are assumed capable of playing bass.

easier to play guitar or bass