Top 10 Greatest Guitar Players

top 10 greatest guitar players

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Pro-am a guitarist of over 30 + years and my question is: "What happened to music in his sleep for a few days!

So my point is, "What happened to our music industry? Music, and for at least 5-7 years is very, very bad! All Top 10 Things Sucks a bit more! You crowd of young musicians gone mad or what? And I'm a big fan of all styles of music too, but I do not get or something? Anyway, I wanted to play many styles of music of course! I even made some decent $ in the past years playing all types of country! Old and dying liein Country, New Country, and I like to call it, "Hell is not a country that is Rock duhhh! Their players generally frustrated rock trying to earn a dollar or two in the world! Which is fine with me! But this rap-shit is going fast! Maybe it was really fortunate to grow in my music world .. namely, The Beatles, "the harmony so nice and good music all around! Hendrix was there covering the guitar hardware Clapton has definitely been very original in the mid-60s

That's why I do not listen to the radio more. I listen all my old CD's. Also, I rediscover bands I've heard all my life. recrodings get your actual age, etc.

top 10 greatest guitar players