Rolling Stone 50 Greatest Guitar Players

rolling stone 50 greatest guitar players

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Who are the greatest guitarists of all time?

I took a look at the idea of the Rolling Stones most and is a sort of sick joke. Eddie Van Halen is 70 and Pete Townshend is 50. here are my top 10: Van Halen 1.eddie 2.jimi ray hendrix Clapton 5.pete 4.stevie 3.eric Townshend Vaughn Paige Matthews 6.jimmy 7.dave 9.john King 10.umm Mayer …. lets go with Tom Morrell can judge my list and / or obtain a list of your own! fun, id like to thank your comments plz!

WTF? Eddie Van Halen, 70 years? Donkeys of the RS does not know shit! T on guitar … I agree with the list most, but John Mayer type I removed, but anyway is a great list. Kevin and Nick Jonas? I think that's probably one of more stupid than I heard in my life.

rolling stone 50 greatest guitar players