The 10 Best Blues Guitar Players

the 10 best blues guitar players
Blues Guitar Player – only 13 yrs old!

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Guitarists need your help! If you play fingerstyle on a steel cable that could help?

I used to play in a string nylon fingerstyle guitar, now I still love steel string, but my nails can not handle the situation. The more I practice nails and play worse. I have heard different solutions, nails (do not think it works) and nail hardener (more promising). No, not keep them as long as a classical player (too troublesome in the day to day), and I'm on your speed, I play blues and bluegrass -ish things with the fingers of the crop as well as music influenced by classical India, and many agreements and strumming. Suggestions? Thank you for your assistance. 10 points for best answer! Can anyone find nails much shorter than the finger-picking more difficult, I tend to use my fingers, but with a little help from the nail, if your nails are too short, play harder

Well, yes, the nails are in a sort of integral to the delivery of nylon string classical-ish type, not so much a factor when it is most steel strings. We would especially like to use from us, and a quest to become stronger, then use a selection – something hardly used in the game of nylon strings. Thus, the nails or nails, no, I think it's just a preference with steel strings.

the 10 best blues guitar players

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