How To Play Guitar Chords Finger

how to play guitar chords finger
How to Play Finger Style Guitar : More Finger Picking Patterns for Guitar

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How can we improve the accuracy of my fingers to play guitar?

I can play chords without problems, but when I hit certain frets and strings that I can do this is how my brain and hands are not connected. Can anyone recommend a good exercise to help clarify, I am a teacher, so I'm self taught and can not get the accuracy down.

try to play 1 2 3 4 (along height) in each branch of the sixth to first string. They then proceed to the next box and continue until u block 12. Practice this daily for a half-hour. When ur done trying to play the major scale. I think ten days is enough to improve. At the same time or must be careful in the palm mute.

how to play guitar chords finger