How To Play Guitar Accompaniment

how to play guitar accompaniment
Sweet Georgia Brown – How to play the guitar chords, by Steve Poole

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What is intentionally playing the same music genres do not particularly like?

so that their children are exposed to them? and I do not mean just different artists and sub-genres in the genre in general prefer – I mean very different from classical to jazz, country, ragtime, folk, marches, rock, blues, baroque, etc.? parents do for you? and bq – how often their kids listen to live music (to both the mother "or play the guitar and singing father in the kitchen (not accompanied by radio)" variety, or "go to a real" variety)?

Each except the guy that I can not stand (rap heavy metal and polka.) This is one of the best things my parents have done for me (exposure to different music, food, culture), while continuing to cherish our "own" cultures. Often. I play several instruments and sing around the house (to the dismay of my children), my husband plays guitar, my ex works and go to Native American flute outdoor concerts in summer.

how to play guitar accompaniment