25 Greatest Guitar Players Of All Time

25 greatest guitar players of all time
Erik Mongrain another great guitar player!!!

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Top plus 40 / most influential guitarists of all time?

Factors such as: the impact on music, creativity, composition, musicianship, innovation, implementation of capacity building theory and virtuoso technique, refined or defined a sound or gender) Jimi Hendrix 2), BB King 3) Eric Clapton 4) Duane Allman 5) Eddie Van Halen 6) Jimmy Page 7) Stevie Ray Vaughn 8) Carlos Santana 9) Wes Montgomery 10) 11 Pat Metheny) Mark 12 Derek Trucks Knopfler) 13) Joe Satriani 14) Buddy Guy 15) Steve Vai 16) Eric Johnson 17) 18 Robert Cray) 19 Peter Frampton) 20 John Frusciante) Brian May 21). Jeff Beck, 22) George Harrison 23) Andy Summers 24), Pete Townshend 25). Joe Pass 26). Dickie Betts 27). Ry Cooder 28). Chuck Berry, 29). King Albert 30). Slash 31). The Edge 32). Jerry Garcia 33). Les Paul 34). John Scofield 35). Django Reinhardt 36). Charlie Christian 37). Joe Walsh, 38). Billy Gibbons 39). Gary Rossington 40). Angus Young, right? Disagree? No insurance?

Since I do not know myself or forty years, I agree with the locations are great as Hendrix and Clapton. But being a little biased, I say we could be at least Andy Summers moved to number 18:)

25 greatest guitar players of all time