100 Greatest Bass Guitar Players

100 greatest bass guitar players
Los Angeles by X ~ Rockband 2 DLC for 03/23, Expert Drums/Bass 100/98 SR

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Need advice on bass guitar?

My husband plays in a rock band that is beginning to see a real success. It will "Concerts serious "now. To date, my husband played a great 5 string bass, but he borrowed a bass amp. Your anniversary is coming and I would take either an amp bass or anything else that could really use for their performances. Any advice on bass amp what brand to buy? I'm on a tight budget so if it is not worth spending $ 100 on a combo (as I suspect is the case) there is something that might suggest you can actually enjoy using?

New channels are always appreciated, do not know if you want to use for any purpose, but I've seen really offers many effects pedals serious for a great price .. If you were my wife I dig something

100 greatest bass guitar players