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acoustic guitar players choice awards 2007

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Pt general knowledge .- X

What are the elements of fishing festival?

Fishermen fishing in a lake Cha §, Jilin Province. The fishermen caught more than 50,000 pounds of fish the first day of the year Chagan Winter Fishing Festival. Chinese fishermen pulling fish in the sky during the celebration of this festival. Hundreds of people attended the festival, which runs from December February 27.2005 at May 6, 2006. The amount of fish caught is limited to 2,000,000 kg. Chagan, home to some 70 species of fish, is one the largest freshwater lakes in China 10, and the only place in the north, where fishermen catch fish in frozen water.

At When was the first IIM in place?

IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad were set in 1961. IIMC related the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the West Bengal government and the Ford Foundation. IIMA, in his early years, linked to the Business School Harvard.

What is the sponge iron?

Sponge iron is a metallic product formed by the reduction of iron ore at a temperature just below the melting point of iron. This product is known as sponge iron due to its porous nature. Also known as the direct reduced iron (DRI).

Why are left-handed?

Although not sure why more people are right-handed people who left, there are several theories. The first is that the left brain controls the speech and the right side of the body. And most people are right handed. Another explanation is based on genetics. Even if both parents are left-handed, there is only a 26 percent chance that their children will also be the left hand. All these theories have their own shortcomings, so that you can conclusively explain why more people are right-handed left hand.

What that Interpol?

Interpol is an international police organization established in 1923 and has 184 member countries. His full name is The International Criminal Criminal Police. Its main activity is to promote international police cooperation in criminal and pin the crime to ensure International. The constitutions of several countries vis-à-vis crime are taken into consideration and respect for due attention to the Universal Declaration of human rights. Interpol has a President and a Secretary General and his senior leaders.

Why storks training in Arrowhead?

A flock of storks in a training boom led by a leader of birds. The accelerator bird's wings to generate aerodynamic lift leading to the bird immediately behind it. By taking advantage of this survey, Birds keep slipping itsflight with relatively minor. This process continues throughout the training you travel in this training in "V, the flock adds 70% greater autonomy flight than if each bird flew himself. When the bird becomes tired leader, another § birds replaced the head. Complete your journey of a thousand miles per shift.

What is the difference between a general tax and general budget?

Attorney General of India is the government of India's chief legal counsel and advice in dealing with the Supreme Court of India. Attorney General often a defender of the high court and appointed highly respected by the government. The attorney general's office has been established by the Constitution of India, and General de abogado tienen derecho a participar en las deliberaciones del Parlamento, pero no pueden votar. Unlike the U.S., India, the Attorney General has no executive power and is not a government minister, the functions are exercised by the Minister of Justice. The Attorney General is assisted by the Attorney General of India and several additional prosecutors. The Attorney General is the second law officer of the State after the Attorney General.

What is an over-allotment option in an IPO?

The "green shoe" is a clause in the underwriting agreement for an initial public offering, which allows you to sell additional shares, usually 15% to the public if the demand exceeds expectations and the stock trades above its offering price. This option, also known provision of the grant. Named after the Company Green Shoe, which was the first company to enable this option.

What is the difference between a mayor and a sheriff?

The sheriff is responsible for implementation of a county or other sub-sectors of the civil division of a State. A mayor is the CEO of a city or town and is elected by the General Assembly.

What is the Act mean?

The law of averages is the probability of occurrence in the long term in which we can not win or lose all the time. For example, if it rains every day this week, by the law of averages, we are required to have a sunny day soon. This slang term is interpreted People of a statistical principle, Bernoulli's theorem, formulated in late 1600.

Lorsque les cartes de vœux ont été sent for the first time?

In ancient Egypt, New Year's Day was celebrated by the presented with sending messages on papyrus greeting to friends and family. The Romans followed a similar practice. The earliest known examples of greeting cards in modern times were sent by Sir Henry Cole, director of the London Victoria and Albert Museum in 1843. Too busy writing Christmas letters, which commissioned an artist, John Horsley to produce a painting of a Christmas scene, which was reproduced on the cards.

What is the difference between rock and pop music?

The rock is a form of popular music, often with vocals (often with vocal harmony), guitars electric and a strong back beat, other instruments such as saxojihone, are common in some styles. The Rock is broad and sometimes vague limits defined types included remote. Pop, folk and contemporary language, is a subgenre of popular music. Since the reach of many term acts (rock, hip-hop, rhythm and blues (R & B), country, dance and opera pop), it is reasonable to say that "pop music" is a vague category defined. The term is also used pejoratively by those who think that pop music has no sense of art, or, if not the best, represents a betrayal of / For the traditional sound while the act itself or the specific genre it belongs to the act.

What other countries celebrate their National Day on August 15?

Korea, Congo, Liechtenstein and India celebrates its Independence Day August 15 15.1948 In August, the Republic of Korea was established south of latitude 38. August 15 is celebrated Liberation Day Korea. 15.1960 In August, the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) declared its independence from France. In addition, Liechtenstein is celebrated on August 15.

What is the importance of the International Green Week?

IGW is a presentation of the food industry, Agriculture and Horticulture, held in Berlin from 13-16 January 2006. It was first held in 1926. Producers worldwide use IGW to test the food and luxury goods market and establish a brand image. They are often organized around national exhibitors, regional, or problems with products. Presentations of fresh produce, fish, meat and dairy products. These combine with a wide selection of wines, beers Specialty and spirits. Paranormal phenomena, it also includes direct sale of produce section and biological weapons.

What is special about Punj-aab express?

Punj-Aab Express the part of bus diplomacy between India and Pakistan, the first between Pakistan and Punjab in India. The Volvo bus of 48 seats left Amritsar to Lahore January 24, 2006. This is the third initiative in question after the bus service Delhi-Lahore between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad. The whole process is designed to encourage people to people contact between the two countries.

What the Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail is widely accepted as the silver chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper (the last meal shared by Jesus and his disciples before being crucified), that the heavenly powers. Many believe, especially non-Catholics, the Holy Grail is the secret the lineage of Jesus and a secret society of mentors keep this secret safe.

How are the points in a stock index calculated?

Sensex is a basket of 30 stocks representing a sample of the constituent corporations large and representative. The base year Sensex is 1978-1979 and the total market value of stocks in the index during the base period is equal to the rate of 100. The index was initially calculated based on the methodology of "total market capitalization (index level at any time point reflects the total market value of 30 constituent stocks relative to a base period), but moved to the methodology of the "free float" September 1.2003. The calculation of Sensex involves dividing the total market capitalization of 30 companies in the index by the index divisor – the only link with the value of the original base period of Sensex.

Maybe 30 days in February?

In the Gregorian calendar, February has 28 days and once in four years, 29 days. However, Sweden had 30 days of February in 1712, while moving the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The Soviet Union also had 30 days in February, during 1930 and 1931, while attending a single revolutionary calendar in which each month had 30 days off five or six, who were not part of any Which month. It is also said February had 30 days for leap years between 45 BC and the year 8 a. C. in the Julian calendar system. It is, however, has not been confirmed.

Why is diesel more expensive than gasoline?

Diesel is not less expensive than gasoline or petrol in all European countries and North America. In fact, it is generally more expensive compared to gasoline. Diesel is cheaper in India as he believes, it is generally used by farmers and lorry parks and bus (local and long distance buses owned by State governments). It was also believed that cars and motorcycles, once considered luxury vehicles use gasoline. Therefore, to reduce the burden of farmers and operators of truck and bus fleet, diesel is cheaper than gasoline in India.

What is the busiest airport in the world?

According to Airports Council International, the busiest airport the world in terms of passenger traffic is the Hartsfield-Jackson. Atlanta airport in the United States. Depending on the number of passengers is the Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Heathrow Airport in London, which is also the world's busiest international airport.

What was the first company to be listed on BSE?

Is DS Prabhudas & Company (now known as DSP, and a venture partner with Merrill Lynch.)

Why leaders wear top hats?

Top Hat weight also called the touch, has its origins in medieval Europe, where in some countries, the invasion of barbarians specific knowledge workers qualified chefs who lead them to seek refuge in churches. The chiefs and others moved under cover of priests, with tall hats like to those used by the clergy. According to another legend, the hat was the model of the crown of kings, heads to give a sense of importance, not to spoil or even food poisoning. According to the theory of others, all leaders wear hats for hygiene reasons, and the chief being the chef, wearing a hat that symbolizes his high status.

Where is the biggest demolition in the yard?

The World Court shipbreaking in Alang is along the west coast of Cambay in Gujarat. Ships worldwide who have lost their usefulness are sent here to be broken and sold as scrap. If it is a very lucrative venture, is also considered dangerous because potentially hazardous materials that could be still present in these vessels. The site began operations with MV Kota Tenjong who arrived in February 13.1983.

How inflation is calculated?

The inflation rate is calculated from values of the index of consumer prices (CPI). The CPI is calculated using weighted average prices of several groups of consumer goods including food, machinery, chemicals, metals, building materials, construction, etc. The inflation rate is the percentage increase or lower values of the CPI in a specified time interval.

Which is a recording angel?

A recording angel is a figure Traditional Judaism, Christianity and Islam which, in popular belief, ensures people marking their actions on a shelf in the future reward or punishment. The angel recorder keeps a general account of man and his Creator. It is widely accepted that the main recording angel is the archangel Gabriel – the heavenly messenger of God.

When the first Valentine's famous?

In his avatar pagans, Valentine was celebrated as the feast of Lupercalia, the spring festival of fertility in Rome to 270. In its various rituals, many are attracted by the names of children who are matched. Some pairs led to romance and marriage. Later, the attempt of the Church to purge the pagan customs decided to celebrate Valentine's Day in downtown February – the mating season of birds. Valentine, who secretly carried marriages during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, was associated with him. In 498, Pope said Gelacius February 14, Valentine's Day.

What are the characteristics of a road vehicle?

The vehicle of expression for all-terrain (ATV) is used to describe a series of small three-wheeled vehicle powered open (ATC) or quads are designed for off road use. Features key is a sophisticated suspension, long-haul, refrigerated liquid, two-stroke engine and a full manual 6-speed (no reverse) transmission. Sport models are generally small, light, two wheel drive to accelerate quickly, have a manual transmission and operate speeds up to 120 kmh. Utility models are generally larger, four-wheel drive vehicles with a maximum speed of 104 km per hour. They can carry small loads on supports attached or small beds, landfill and tow small trailers.

Which country has the oldest flag?

El país con la bandera más antigua in the world is Denmark. The Danish flag, called Danneborg, back to the 13th century are believed to have been in existence since June 15.1219 although it was officially recognized as the flag National in 1625. Banderas, yes, the date further. vexilloids crude as the flag was used in ancient Egypt around 3400 BC The early indications have been used in China around 1500 BC The first modern Prinsenvlag Dutch flag, but no longer in use.

What is the origin expression, "a albatross around the neck?

The term comes from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" a poem Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which is necessary character who fired a shot to make the bird around the neck. The term refers to support a person needs to be.

What actor won the most Oscars?

Katherine Hepburn has the distinction of having won as many Oscars in the history of the Oscars. She was nominated for no less than 13 times and won four times Statue for his roles in the film Morning Glory, The Lion In Winter, On Golden Pond and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

Which country has the largest number of expatriates?

Muscat is the largest foreign population of over 6,12,000 people. Ainsi, trois personnes à Mascate is an expatriate, according to a survey by the Sultanate Muscat. Muttrah Seeb and in particular, are heavily populated with expatriates.

Who created the cartoon character Tweety Bird?

Piolin por la fue Creado Warner Brothers' artista animación Bob Clampett in 1942. It was inspired by an embarrassing picture of himself as a baby and its long-standing fascination with chicks. original name was Tweety Bird "Orson". In the first cartoon Tweety Bird, A Tale of "Two kittens, fun Tweety two cats, Babbitt and Catstello. The canary is next to the big head was originally pink. After censorship complained that the bird looked naked because they had feathers, the color was changed to yellow.

When James Bond made his debut?

James Bond made his debut in the book by Ian Fleming "Casino Royale "in 1953. The British spy has come to save the world from a variety of groups in various sinister megalomaniac books. Its appeal sustainability is likely in high speed chases involving cars and beautiful sensual woman faked up wins. Several actors have played Bond, but the final choice of Daniel Craig was shocked by what the fans have launched a website to express their anger.

What is causing the cat's cradle "is the term?

Cat's Cradle is a game where a loop of the chain complex is transferred from hands a player to another, giving rise to a succession of patterns in a loop. What was a socio-religious activities conducted by small communities Greek antiquity. Day appointed, the members used for the transfer of such sequences into a loop, called Cat's Cradle, hand in hand to draw the blessings and good luck.

What are Mersenne primes?

Mersenne numbers are called. P. Mersenne, 16th century Italian mathematician. They are one less than powers of 2. Powers of 2 are 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 … for Mersenne numbers are 1,3,7,15,31,63, 127 … The importance of these numbers is when a number is a Mersenne prime p, (Mersenne prime known), then the number p (p +1) / 2 is a perfect number. perfect numbers are numbers that are equal to the sum of its divisors. All the divisors of 6 (on 6 other self) are 1.2 and 3. Their sum was 6 again. So 6 is a perfect number and raises three Mersenne primes. The first Mersenne 7 provides the perfect number 28, 31 has Mersenne prime 496; so perfect.

What chronophobia?

It is fear of time, which is characterized by panic, anxiety and claustrophobia. Also known as neurosis prison is perhaps the most common anxiety disorder among inmates. Sooner or later, almost all chronophobia prisoners suffer from some degree and become frightened by the length of his sentence and passage tooth.

Which is known as the fifth Beatle?

Billy Preston, keyboardist, known as the fifth Beatle. He played with the Rolling Stones. Preston even had a career solo success. However, a drug long Battier has finally died in renal failure in "June 6, 2006. He was 59.

How Austric tribes in the world?

Austric tribes located throughout India and even in Myanmar Malaysia and some islands of Southeast Asia. The three main tribes are the tribes Santhals Austric, Kohler and Munda. Other tribes are Austric Ho, and Birhor Kharia. Tribes Austric speak eighteen languages. Some historians believe that the tribes Austric laid the foundations of Indian civilization.

What are junk bonds?

In finance, a high yield bond (bonds are not investment grade or junk bond) is a bond that is rated below investment grade. • These bonds carry a higher risk of default, but usually gives wage higher to make them attractive to investors.

Qu'est-ce palindrome est un jour?

Palindrome comes from Greek 'palindromes', literally' the line (again), palin (again, new) and aerodromes (under construction). A day is a palindrome day bed the same way you look. (Or backward or forward), for example: 20/02/2002.

How long are classified?

Rapids are classified as Class I Easy: The fast moving water con olas pequeñas y ondulaciones. Suitable for anyone aged seven years, including the physically challenged. Class II Single: Large, clear channels. Occasional maneuvering may be required. Suitable for the same group Class I. Class III Difficulty: Moderate irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid. Injuries while swimming are rare as. Suitable for those who do not mind getting wet. Very difficult Class IV rapids intense, powerful but predictable requiring precise boat handling in turbulent waters. Class V extremely difficult, obstructed or violent rapids that expose participants to the risk of higher than average risk. Category VI: Considered unrunnable.

¿Cual es la estación más alta colina of India in this?

Located at an altitude of 3505 meters, in the middle The Himalayan and Karakoram mountains, Leh, the headquarters of the Ladakh region of Kashmir is the season of the highest hill in India. Known for its beauty Its attractions include sterile Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Namgyal hill and several Buddhist monasteries. Other mountain resorts are popular Ooty, Darjeeling, Shimla and Nainital.

What is the origin of the word breakfast?

Breakfast actually means breaking the fast is seen through the previous night after dinner, a person has no food until the next morning. As it is considered as a period of fasting, the next morning and the meal is called breakfast.

Why the name London Eye?

London Eye observation wheel is the world's largest, built in 1999 on the south bank of the Thames in London. Standing 135 meters high, it offers a panoramic view London up to 25 miles in all directions. Therefore, it is called "London Eye". A wheel is different in the design of the wheel of fortune transporting passengers boarded on the outside wheel in place to suspend its circumference.

Why say that breaking a mirror brings seven years bad luck?

According to this superstition, breaking a mirror means seven years bad luck, unless you remove them and bury them under the moon. In addition, if a mirror calm Suddenly, a house falls and breaks, this means that soon there will be a death. This superstition goes back to the Romans, who believed that a person in the mirror is actually his soul. Therefore, breaking a mirror meant to bring bad luck on himself, because his soul has been damaged! To avoid this, people looking in the pool gardens where they could watch.

Why the two sides of a coin called head and tail?

Generally, one side has the printing or printing of official head of state or insignia or emblem and is therefore called the side of the head. The name on the side of the tail may have originated in the British ten pence coin, on the reverse shows a heraldic lion with its tail raised.

What spoiler is a car? Why was his name?

A spoiler is a device placed on a plan to stop interrupting the flow of air. In a car, avoid the spoilers on the road when you travel very fast. Car to go over like a declaration of design is not conclusive and former technical use.

What is the instrument the most expensive music?

Yamaha Disklavier Pro 2000, a piano, is the world's most expensive, with a price of $ 250,000. It is even regarded as the most technologically advanced and stylish. Recently, the Stradivarius violin named "The Hammer, conducted in 1707, was auctioned for a whopping sum 3.5 million. He broke the record for the highest amount paid for a musical instrument at auction.

What are the economic zones special?

A Special Special Economic Zone (EEZ) is a special area designed to attract significant investment in establishing manufacturing, storage and / or commercial activities. SEZs may occur throughout Instead, you can be any size and meet any business. India's EEZ varies from only 10 hectares of IT and BT sectors over 1,000 acres for the manufacturing sector. Companies receive incentives such as allocation of land at reduced prices, subsidized energy, tax exemptions, etc. At now, 15 years ago. Working SEZs and approval has been given to another 110.

When Turkestan?

Turkistan (Turkestan) is a historical region of Central Asia. Western or Russian Turkestan stretched from the Caspian Sea to the west of the border with China in the east basin and the Aral-Irtysh in the north to the border of Iran and Afghanistan to the south. East or Chinese Turkestan included the western provinces of China, now the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Southern Afghanistan and Turkestan is a small area of northern Afghanistan. Politically, what was once called the East Turkestan Russia and Soviet Central Asia includes the nations of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and southern Kazakhstan. Much of this western region consists of two deserts, the Kara Kum and Kyzyl Kum. The eastern part includes the mountains that are part of the highlands of Pamir and Tian Shan system.

What is a hostile takeover?

Hostile takeover occurs when the buyer makes an offer directly to shareholders of a corporation without the pre-existing promoter and / or management. The example the best known is recent takeover bid by Mittal for Arcelor, in the current management opposes the offer. In this case, shareholders may decide to management remains the owner or new owner comes to running the company in India, hostile takeovers are very rare in comparison with what is perceived to abroad. It is mainly to promote the participation of India is very high and the likelihood of management support current IF is also high.

Why Palm Island, United Arab Emirates are in fear?

The Palm Dubai-i are artificial islands with three editions fecha El PalmJumeirah, The All-Palm Jebel including The Palm Deira. The Palm Islands in Dubai three artificial islands being construction by Al Nakheel Properties. Each solution be in the form of a palm tree and have residential communities and resorts. The Palm Jumeirah is a haven of pleasure. The Palm Jebel Alt is designed as a resource for entertainment. The PalmDeira be constructed 22 meters below sea level.

What is the pin code in India mean?

index of items was presented in August 15.1972. Under it, each post office head post office and was given an individual number six figures. The figures from left to right gradually identify the location of offices post. The country was divided into eight different zones are as follows: 1 – Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, 2 – Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal, 3 – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman and Diu, 4 – Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, GPA, Chhattisgarh, 5 – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, 6 – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, 7 – West Bengal, Orissa and the North, 8 – Bihar and Jharkhand. The first three digits taken and indicate the classification under which the office falls. The last three digits specify the office after the special issue under the classification unit.

What is the difference between a coupe and a sedan?

Coupe and sedan are the different types of body shapes. A sedan is a car with a backseat, where the rear seats are more or less the same room as the front seats. It also has a separate trunk. A coupe has no registered rear or a smaller area crowded and not separated from the trunk.

What is special C-130 planes?

With its rear ramp and door, the Hercules C-130 can accommodate a wide variety of general merchandise, including everything from helicopters Utilities and six-wheel armored personnel load level LETIS friend and military. Playing the role of aerial delivery, you can free up air £ 42 000 or use of its landing gear, high-lift to land and deliver cargo on rough dirt strips.

What is the meaning of Qingming Festival?

Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival celebrates the 106th day after winter solstice usually occurring around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar. This name means a time for people to get out and enjoy the greenery of spring, and also to meet the graves of the dead. It is also known as the Day of All Saints, bright brightness Fes tival, Festival of tender Graves etcFor Chinese, is a day to commemorate and honor the ancestors. Young and old pray before the ancestors, sweep the tombs and offer libation food.and who are separated.

Why some people have dimples?

Although cute dimples, in fact, is a congenital anomaly. Muscles in the face of a person dimples are shorter than they are in most people. Therefore, pulling the skin when they smile, and a dimple that bleeds. This is probably due to a developmental defect in the subcutaneous tissue during embryonic development. Sometimes, the muscles lengthen during life and the dimples disappear or decrease with age. Many babies, but many do not have as they grow.

What old is the British Parliament?

The origins of the British Parliament goes back to the reign of Henry III (121 672), whose nobility was irritated by his plan to appoint his younger son as the king of Sicily This led to the Provisions of Oxford "(1258) which was formed by a permanent council of barons. It was followed by the "Provisions Westminster" in 1259 the reform of the common law. After Henry's challenge these two provisions, civil war broke out. When Henry called the Knights of the Shire to attend the Parliament, the commoners were represented for the first time. In the days of King Edward III (1327-1377), two houses of parliament emerged in 1341 with the Wikipedia, separate sitting of the Senate. After Parliament's approval in the Proceedings of 1911 and 1949, the primacy of the House of Commons over the Lords has confirmed. The first Parliament Great Britain came after 1707 with the union with Scotland.

What is Nordic walking?

As snow Nordic, Nordic walking is well known term in India / This popular sport offers training for skiers during the summer months, but "without the use ski. He is quick with a pole that is 0.7 times the height of the wearer.

What is the Tyndall effect?

The blue sky and water, the visibility of the comet tails and the twinkling stars because of scattering of light by colloidal particles due to the beam path is visible. This phenomenon is called Tyndall effect Tyndall effect or Faraday. This effect was first observed by Faraday and later by Tyndall (1869). The light path is called a Tyndall cone. Was observed that when these two conditions are met: i) The diameter of the dispersed particles is not smaller than the wavelength of light, and ii) Indices of refraction of the dispersed phase and dispersion medium differ in size.

What is the classification of Harvard?

This is a system for classifying stars by their surface temperature. Also known as the Harvard scale 0-M classification stars are hot cold assigned categories in order: 0, B, A, F, G, K, M, further subdivisions are made in the rate of 0 to 9.0 stars have a temperature of 25,000 degrees K – 50000 K and has a bluish-white spectrum. Our sun falls into the class G, with a surface temperature of 5000 ° -6000 ° K. K

How powerful is the largest factory in the world?

The largest power plant currently in operation is the Itaipu hydroelectric plant on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. The plant uses water from the Itaipu dam, built on the river Parana has 18 production units, production of 12,600 MW of electricity. It was built during 1975-1991, and it is estimated that meeting 25% of the electricity needs of Brazil and 78% of Paraguay. The Three Gorges Dam under construction in China will, after being completed in 2009, a central larger than the Itaipu dam. Its total capacity is 18,200 MW.

What is the origin of the "gaucho" word?

A gaucho is a pastor of cattle in South America, which is the equivalent of the American cowboy. The gauchos are generally found in the pampas grasslands Chacqs or Patagonia of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. There are conflicting theories about the origin of word. The most plausible explanation is that words have common roots in the native tongue of Quechua and Mapuche, a derivative of the word orphan (Huacho).

What is the gold standard that mean?

gold standard is defined as the use of the gold standard of value the country. The country buys currency equivalent to the value of gold. This system is claimed to be resistant to expansion credit and debt, that money can not be created by government fiat money, and be protected against inflation artificial devaluation of the currency. This is supposed to remove "currency uncertainty, is to maintain the credit of the issuing authority Monetary dry to encourage lending. Although the price of gold and was not consistent, recently reached record highs in 25 years.

What is the oldest stock market in the world?

Although the origins of the bags can be'traced return on the stock market Antwerp (1460), the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is considered the oldest in the world. It was established in 1602 by the Dutch East Indies (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC) issued shares for the first time in the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. It was the first company to issue stocks and bonds. Has been renamed the Amsterdam Bourse and was the first to officially launch trading in securities.

Which city has the highest cost of living?

Tokyo and Osaka are widely regarded as the ciudades con mayor coste de la vida varias to Encuestas. Asuncion in Paraguay is considered the least expensive. The parameters that determine the cost of living including housing, transport, food, clothing and entertainment.

What is the origin of the word plagiarism?

Plagiarism, from the Latin word plagiarism, what it means to remove or remove. The word was used in the English language sometime during the 1600s. Although originally intended to remove someone literally, little by little sense of passing on part of a whole, the work of another as his own wing, Kaavya Viswanathan of Fame Opal Mehta. "

What is investment banking?

Investment Banking for companies in acquiring funds. Also offers advice on a wide range of transactions of a corporation may from time to time Gage. Can generate of corporate funds in two ways. The company may use public funds through the capital market by selling shares. You can also seek venture capital or equity in exchange for their participation. In addition, the investment bank, the process includes wholesale of new issues government bonds, corporate stocks, bonds and similar financial assets by buying and selling large blocks into smaller units to public.

Why is a button called so?

This is a series of screen buttons that allow One selection was made of the group. Un bouton sélectionné désélectionner automatiquement lorsque n'importe quel bouton est sélectionné. The radio buttons in the early days of radio, there were five or six preset buttons in a row. By pressing a button to deselect the other station.

What are the basic elements of dance flamenco?

Flamenco combines acoustic guitar, singing, singing, dancing and clapping of hands staccato. The flamenco dancer plays with passion, fervor, even tortured expressions but always in search of grace and dignity. Flamenco hand-wing produces a sharp and penetrating.

What a group of geese called?

A group of geese is assigned a partnership, based on the place. A group of geese on the ground is called a flock in flight, it becomes a ball, equipment, or a wedge of geese.

What are you reading?

Have you seen an advertisement for cold drinks that violate other ads, cold drink? It is a good example of cons-attack is just a publicity stunt which ensures immediate attention. It's probably written because it is in fact a copy / remake of the original announcement, but what really attracts the original product!

What is the difference between a theorem and a slogan?

A theorem is a proppsition has been or will be tested on the basis of explicit assumptions. A theorem has two sides said in a formal language – a set of assumptions including the conclusion is that ellos pueden derivar of de acuerdo a las reglas of inferencia. The test, although the rules needed to be classified as a theorem, not considered part of it. A motto is a statement part of the evidence of a larger theorem. The distinction is quite arbitrary, and is a great mathematician is one of the lowest demand. lemma Gauss's lemma and Zorn is quite interesting in itself, that some authors present the nominal subject, without having to go to use it in demonstration theorem all.

¿Cual es una iglesia between the diferencia y una catedral?

N four main categories of worshipchapel the Christian sites, church, the Basilica and the Cathedral The cathedral is a much bigger place of worship in a church and is led by a bishop. A church is in charge of a group of clerics and priests. El obispo de su residencia habitual en el recinto Catedralicio.

This which is unique to the Mount Pinatubo?

Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The volcanic eruption in June 1991 Came after 500 years of sleep and was one of the largest eruptions and most violent in the 20th century. Successful predictions saved Tens of thousands of people, but surrounding areas were severely damaged. The effects were felt worldwide as the eruption injected large amounts of aerosols into the stratosphere. Aerosols formed a global layer of sulfuric acid mist during many months. The global temperature fell by about 1 degree Celsius, and ozone destruction was considerable.

When barrel water invented?

It was invented in the 19th century cannons of water were initially created for use in boats of fire. The first fire boat was deployed in New York, February 1, 1891. Water cannons were used to Truckbased riot in the United States during the 1960s.

How many islands in the world?

It is difficult to determine the exact number of islands, because there are different types of plans of different water, including oceans, seas and rivers. However, in the oceans more than 2,000 islands.

What is the origin of the phrase "go scot-free?

Scot was Scottish term for a unit of taxation. Anyone who does not have to pay taxes under the "upper hand." To go out without him. Pay anyone what price to start with.

Who is the creator of emoticons?

Smile, an emoticon message language text, is usually yellow with two points and a semicircle. Harvey Ball said in 1963 that created the State Mutual Life Insurance, Massachusetts. Well there was an attempt by the brand, never did. Franklin Loufrani Smileyworld of London said it was created in 1968 and registered in 80 countries. The giant U.S. retail Wal-Mart is in a legal battle with Franklin Loufrani and others, and he wants brand in the United States.

What man Fawkes Night?

Guy Fawkes Night is an annual celebration in Great Britain New Zealand, South Africa, the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, and before that in Australia. It celebrates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot in which thirteen Catholic conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in November 5.1605, when Protestant King James was inside. The celebration of fireworks and bonfires where effigies of Guy Fawkes, the most famous conspirator are burned.

What that the Bill of whistleblowers?

Whistleblowers Bill was tabled in the Parliament of the United States in 2003 to implement that linked to citizens know the law, the public interest, any illegal or unlawful action by others who can see them. The person that disclosure is called a whistleblower. Bill describes the type of disclosures of public interest that is authorized by it, you can make such revelations, and in what form, to which these communications can be made, the responsibility of the person to whom a disclosure is made, the protection afforded to the complainant, and several issues.

What is the legend of Peter Pan?

Peter Pan is a fictional character created by Scottish novelist and playwright James Matthew Barrie, who wrote three books about this character. It's "Pan in Kensington Gardens, the play "Peter Pan or The child who would not grow" and "Peter and Wendy 'later renamed Peter Pan. " It is a story about a mischievous boy, Peter Pan, who refuses to grow up. Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood on the small island of Neverland as leader of his gang, the Lost Boys. Peter invites a daughter, Wendy Darling, Neverland to be the mother of his gang of lost children. adventures later, Wendy decides his place is at home and bring all the boys back to London, but Peter stays at Neverland.

What is a Klein bottle?

A Klein bottle is a unilateral surface was described by Felix Klein, German mathematician in 1882. There no inside or outside and boneless. Is described as a cylinder is repositioned to join its other end. A true Klein bottle in four dimensions does not intersect throughout the side, but is necessary when represented in Euclidean space of three dimensions. The best way to create such a surface is a strip of paper, he turns to the side and linking the two extremes.

What The record book has been translated into as many languages?

The Bible remains the most translated book. The Jewish Tanakh (same Protestant Old Testament) was originally written in Hebrew, with the exception of some passages Daniel, Ezra, and Jeremiah are in Ara-mails. The New Testament is widely acknowledged to have been originally written in Greek. The following numbers are approximations – At least one book the Bible was translated in 2400 of 6900 languages listed by SIL International (formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics), including 680 languages in Africa 590 in Asia 420 in Oceania, 420 in Latin America and the Caribbean, 210 in Europe and 75 in North America.

Why name the hanging gardens Mumbai?

Hanging Gardens of Mumbai is.built atop Malabar Hill. As the garden is a garden-terrace situated in a slope of the hill is called Hanging Gardens. It offers a magnificent view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea, and a panoramic view of Mumbai. The garden was created in the 1880s and the main town Dam Bombay

Why is associated with movies popcorn corn?

Palomita de maíz no es una moda cultura pop sino una merienda a lo largo that of 5,000 años de Antiguedades. But it became part of the cinema during the 20 th century. popcorn suppliers implement stalls outside theaters. Although theater owners were considered a nuisance, these suppliers attracted by the spectators dozen. theater owners thought is a good idea to ask them to set up stalls in the facility in exchange for part of sales. Finally, popcorn vending machines appeared and has since tea is associated with movies.

What Hamburg is best known for?

Hamburg is the economic center of Germany and second largest city. It is the busiest port in the country and now a major industrial city of Hamburg is an elegant city center and modern culture, well known for its opera, theaters, magazines and books publishing centers and television broadcasting, and film studios. At its center are two lakes, the Inner Alster and outer Alster. St. Pauli district, with its famous street, the Reeperbahn, includes numerous entertainment venues.

What is the movement of the drum?

The movement of the drum washing machine is a Japanese who was said to be the fastest in the world. Just a few minutes to wash 3S 9 kilos of clothes and 145 minutes to dry 6 kg. Depending on the volume of clothing that changes angles automatically.

Why do Call teaspoons spoons and soup spoons?

A teaspoon is a small spoon used for stirring contents of a cup of tea or coffee. Teaspoons handles are more commonly used for ice cream. Other measures include spoon spoon and dessert spoon. Much less common is the coffee spoon, a smaller version of the spoon. A spoonful is a type of spoon used to serve.

What is the theory of petrodollars?

West Asia controls the major sources of oil, generate huge funds. Although they are stationed in different currencies, a significant portion is held in dollars, the currency most stable world. Any nation that has access to these funds and sources of energy efficient control of the economy World. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in Saudi Arabia and other countries in West Asia impose conditions on the world. United States the largest economy in the world, wants to have effective control of these resources. According to the theory petrodollars, oil-rich countries like Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., must be controlled directly or fact likely U.S. economic policies. Therefore, even the war in Iraq is seen as an economic struggle over the conflict of military security and, as expected so far.

When celebrate pi. And Pi Approximation Day?

The mathematical constant pi is commonly referred to as a Greek letter. Their common approaches 3.14159,3.14 and are 22 / 7 as a fraction. Pi is celebrated on March 14th (14.3 in writing and in the format of the date the United States) because it is similar the approximate value of 3.14. It also coincides with the anniversary of Albert Einstein. Pi approximation day is generally held July 22 (Written in 22 / 7 English / European date format) because it coincides with an approximate 22 / 7. Some held on dates other than December 21, 1910 November (November 9 in leap years) in April and 0.26 (in leap year April 27).

What is the longest song?

The "Longplayer 'Room 1000 is a year of music that started playing in January and 1.2000. continue to play, without repetition, until December 31.2999, as will the point where it began, and again. "Longplayer" was heard in the relaxation of the Millennium Dome in London at his inauguration in 2000.

Why chocolates and medicine packed in paper?

Often the chocolates are stored for long periods. When exposed to moisture and light, and the surface deteriorates rapidly lose its luster appeal. The best protection is to provide a total barrier to light, moisture and penetration of the flavor and flavor. The choice is a natural packaging sheet, also by the ease with which you can bend to the force the surface of chocolate. Similarly, tablets are individually wrapped in paper to seal the material can prevent moisture from air and destabilization and degradation of the tablet.

What is the paradox of the lek?

The lek paradox refers to a phenomenon where attractive men and women of so not always produce attractive offspring. Scientists used to point the flaws in Darwinian theory, which states that two members of the attractions Nature can produce attractive offspring, eventually leading to all species of the acquisition of good genes over time. Lek, which is the area where males gather to sort the competition screen is probably derived from the Swedish "Leka", which means play.

What is the origin of small fish, "the word"?

The word refers to a variety of small fish, carp family water Freshwater is generally used to refer to smaller players or new, compared to established players in any activity – whether it be business, sports or politics. Therefore, countries like Bermuda, Scotland, etc. are referred to as minnows in the current cricket World Cup.

What is the origin of the seven swaras of Indian classical music?

Notes, ou swaras, de Indian music are shadjam (SA), rishabham (or re ri) gandharam (bis), madhyamam (MA) panchamam (PA) dhaivatam (oa DHA) and nishadam (NI). Each shuddha swara traditionally known to have originated in the sound of different animals, and some have an additional meaning in your account. Each swara is associated to one of the seven chakras of the body. His sound is associated with the peacock, Re, the bull / Ga lark, goat, Ma Dove / Heron, Pa, cuckoo / nightingale, Dha, Neither horse and elephant.

Who has won more Nobel Prizes?

Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and 1911 in Chemistry, Linus Pauling in 1954 (chemistry) and Frederick Sanger 1962 (For Peace) and John Bardeen in 1956 (Physics) and 1972 in chemistry in 1958 and 1980. Apart from these individual cases, the Peace Prize was awarded to three times, the International Red Cross (1917.1944 and 1963) and the Organization of the United Nations Refugees, who won twice in 1954 and 1981.

When humans began fishing?

Fishing dates back to ancient times, when people began to fish for food, and pieces of bone were used as hooks and lengths row of vines. The oldest known painting of a fisherman with a rod or staff of Egypt around 2000 BC. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle mentioned angling in his writings, and other Greek writer Plutarch, gave tips on fishing lines. In the 2 nd and 3 rd centuries AD, Roman rhetorician Claude Aelian wrote about Macedonian trout fishing with artificial flies as bait. Methods and platforms have evolved slowly, it was not until the 15 late in the fishing, as we now know, for starters. In 1496, a first Treatyse Fysshynge Wythe an angle "give details in English on the assistance of a fishing rod.

Is earth the only planet that water?

By then, people believed that intelligent life exists on Earth because it was the only planet that has water. But recently, an astronomer Traviz Barman at Lowell Observatory in Arizona said that the atmosphere of a planet as large gas Jupiter, water vapor has been found. The planet HD 209458b has been called is located about 150 light years Earth in a constellation of Pegasus. Previous reports have found traces of water on Mars Global Surveyor.

Who was the first Indian wax statue at Madame Tussaud's?

Mahatma Gandhi was the first Indian to have a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London. The Today's figures include a wax museum and real historical figures, movie stars, sports stars and even famous murderers. Amitabh Bachchan was the first film featuring India to have a statue in Madame Tussauds.

What is war the shortest and the longest in history?

The Anglo-Zanzibar was conducted between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar in August 27.1896. Lasting only 45 minutes, qui détient le record d'être la plus courte guerre. The 335-year war (16511986) was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly (off the southwest coast of the United Kingdom). It is said that the spread without a peace treaty in 335 years. Was conducted without a single shot and it is one of the longest wars in the world and war with the least loss. Despite uncertain validity of the declaration of war, peace was finally declared in 1986.

Why the name Virgin Islands?

Discovefred Virgin Islands by Christopher Columbus, is the name of St. Ursula and the 11,000 virgins. It was then reduced a. Virgo.

Who invented the LEGO bricks?

The Lego Group had humble beginnings in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter poor in Billund, Denmark. Begun creating toys Wood in 1932. Two years later, Kristiansen has adopted the name Lego as a brand for their toys. The name is derived from "leg godt", the Danish words, which means "Play well." In 1947, he and his son Kirk Christiansen corner samples were Godtfred plastic bricks produced by the company KIDDICRAFT. These blocs Construction locking KIDDICRAFT "were designed and patented in the United Kingdom by Hilary Fisher Page Harry, a child psychologist. In 1949, Lego began producing similar bricks, calling them "automatic binding bricks. The first Lego bricks, cellulose acetate, were developed in the spirit of traditional wooden blocks can be stacked on each other.

Why gusty winds and not a uniform rate?

The air flow varies depending on the properties of the channel flowing, narrow channels to increase their speed and decrease the width of the channel. Both the speed and direction in a hold different due to: i) cloud cover varies randomly from time to time, and therefore the heat received by different parts of the earth in the same area varies randomly with temperature differences unpredictable air m, ii) topography ground, which is characterized by hills, water, trees and buildings, is uneven, and the air flows in the various fields of different speeds.

What is the oldest political party in the world?

The largest democratic political party existing parts is established by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the 1790s. The party grew out of opposition to the policy of the ruling Federalist Party, which advocated a republic governed by educated elites. Idealized Democrat Republican independent farmer (the "yeoman") as an example of virtue. The party took control of the presidency and Congress in 1800. Federalists collapsed as a serious rival for the Democrats, Republicans at the end of the War of 1812. After that, some held by Democrats and Republicans split the party. War hero, General Andrew Jackson was elected president in 1828, and his faction became the Democratic Party.

Why is West Bengal called that if it is in the East?

A breeding ground for movement due to the independence of India from the early 20th century, Bengal was divided along religious lines. The western part went to India (And has been appointed West Bengal), while the eastern part joined Pakistan as a province called East Bengal (later East Pakistan, which give rise to Bangladesh in 1971). Even today, in West Bengal on behalf of Ben-gal well it is in the East.

When was the practice of early gift wrap?

These donations were adjusted since the invention of paper in 105 AD in China. Papermaking has been kept secret by the Chinese for centuries, but in the year 800, the process was known in Egypt. Dissemination of intelligence in Europe, where the first paper mill began in 1085. Wallpaper for the first time in England in 1509, was the precursor of gift wrap and used briefly, but when has broken or twisted. In the early 20 th century, gifts were wrapped in plain brown or tissue.

Who was the first woman astronaut?

Valentina Tereshkova (USSR) was the first woman astronaut. 25 years as an astronaut, Valentina last 71 hours in orbit by the Soviet Vostok in 1963. Astronaut, 70 years who recently said

his desire to one day travel to Mars

Whoever coined the phrase " seventh year itch "and why is his name?

The Seven Year Itch is the propensity to be unfaithful after seven years wedding. The original era una condición picazón that will durante siete años prolongó. It is known in the United States since the early 19 as a particular complaint contagious and irritating the skin. The condition is treatable if that is almost forgotten. The name came to be known as a metaphor for everything that is boring.

How do we know about the discovery of a black hole?

It all started in 1783 when the Rev. John Mitchell, an astronomer British Amateur, proposed that gravity may affect the light and matter. El concepto moderno fue introducido in 1916. Karl Schwarzschild, a German physicist, discovered a mathematical solution to Einstein's equations, which describes space and time around a spherical mass, the distance between the center of a sphere in which light can not escape. In 1968, John Wheeler, an American scientist, coined the term black hole. In 1972, with the advancement Technology X-ray, found evidence of a binary star system Cygnus Xl.

Why is it called Greenland, even if no vegetation?

The name Greenland comes from Scandinavian settlers. In Norse mythology, it is said that Erik the Red was exiled from Iceland for murder. He was in the vessel to recover the land is rumored to be in the northwest. After installing it, called Grfnland land (Greenland), perhaps attracting more people to settle there. Greenland was also called Gruntland (Groundland) in the first cards. That green is a wrong transcription of Grunt (soil), which concerns garden berries, or vice versa is not known. The southern part (not covered by glaciers) is very green in summer.

Why are magnets used in speakers?

All the speakers not to use magnets. Only magnetic speakers use a magnet to produce mechanical vibrations (sound) by the interaction between the magnetic field created by the pulse signals electronics through a coil suspended in the strong magnetic field of the magnet. Other speakers piezoelectric as speakers (for example, ringing in watches), do not use a magnet. piezoelectric speakers use the piezoelectric effect. That vibration Mechanical generated by applying an electrical signal to a piezoelectric crystal.

Why Why some countries call their own land, while others call home?

Fatherland is the nation of a parent or ancestors. It can be considered as a nationalist concept, insofar as it relates to the nations. Groups refer to their homeland as a country, it is mainly associated with concepts parenting. Motherland is a term that may refer to a mother country, originally a colonial power or "ethnic or immigrant. Homeland is also synonymous with the country, although these in turn lead to different associations of psychologists. Es sobre todo tiene su país connotación the de nacimiento y crecimiento, con el país con respeto that is considera como madre Benigna feed its citizens and their children.

What performance the largest fondue at Rockefeller Center in New York?

world's largest fondue was prepared in February 28.2007 under the supervision of Chief Terrance Brennan, owner of Artisanal Cheese Center in New York. The melt weighed 2.100 pounds. Its main ingredients are 1190 pounds of cheese Wisconsin, 120 pounds white wine and some spices. It was prepared in a melting pot of 220 years iron age of 2 tonnes of Louisiana.

What is the happiest country in the world?

Several studies of different rates as the happiest country. The University of Leicester nominal Denmark as the most beautiful country. Bhutan even has a gross happiness define prosperity not only in terms of economic growth but also the average level On this basis, Sweden tops the list.

What is Frankenstein food?

Tom Frankenfoods are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have had their genome altered through genetic engineering techniques. The general principle of producing a GMO is to insert DNA from another organism and modified in the laboratory into the genome of the organism to produce both new and useful characteristics or phenotypes. These appointments have been available since the 1990s, with large plants that derivatives soybean, corn, canola and cotton seed oil.

If Christopher Columbus discovered America, why the name derived U.S. Navy mom called Amerigo Vespucci?

Columbus tried to take all the roads in India Western Sea. When he left August 3, 1492 to reach India, he landed on earth October 12, 1492, and thought he had reached India. But there were indeed found a new land. Americo Vespucci, Italian explorer another, took the same route that Columbus reached the same spot in 1501. Vespucci realized it was a hitherto unknown, not India. The new continent was called America in his honor.

What is the origin of tea, "the" cutting a sentence?

The "A cup of tea" sentence is the same as "you do not have a cup of tea. Both have the same origin. People in England are very particular about tea consumption. There are so many varieties and do not drink any other variety we are accustomed. It is a matter of taste. Therefore, whatever one not usually come to be called not a cup of tea.

When the tradition of wedding cake begin?

The wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire. Over the years it has become subject to a variety of customs and traditions. 1900 years ago, Romans began baking wheat and salt into a small cake to be eaten. During the ceremony, the groom will come of this cake, then break the rest over the head of his girlfriend. They were made of wheat, symbol of fertility and prosperity and take it as a sign of good fortune and a blessing for long life and many children.

How has the mass and radius of the earth calculated?

It is said that the mass (of land) is estimated at 5.96 x 1024 kg (March 4). Corresponds to a weight of 6.10 tonnes miserable! The exact weight is: 5.96 x 1024 kg.

What Arezou Island?

Iran is developing the island as a destination Arezou travel for women only. This island in Lake Oroumiyeh northwestern Iran is a region full of free men. All facilities on the island will be attended by women. The initiative has received, including the liquidation of the Ayatollah

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