Free Blues Guitar Play Along

free blues guitar play along
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Blues guitar legend BB King

He moves slowly now, his body 82 years he began to betray him, joint pain and conditions Weather endless miles he has traveled through life. He steps on stage, pulls the strap of the Gibson ES-335 over his shoulder and squinting slightly the applauding crowd. His face breaks into a fan, humbled, almost embarrassed smile as noise "Good Night" floats your audience. As your left hand moves on the guitar neck and right hand turns and hits the ropes, the years melt and suddenly finds himself watching a master craftsman engaged his job. The house is filled with shades of midnight blue single to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Half of BB King closes his eyes, saw his face, and … return to his place, which will take him.

Riley B. King was born September 16, 1925, on a plantation in Mississippi, his youth was a worker agriculture. A pastor playing guitar in church sanctified surprised with his play when BB was five, but he bought his first guitar until he was 12. The work has a house-boy for $ 15 per month you save as much as he can (still need a loan from his boss) and I Stella man bought a red noise on the road. Like many blues guitarists of his time, gave guitar lessons with a couple of Popular books and records of the day. At fifteen, he played in the streets for change in his native Indianola, but later got the itch to spend looking for a musical career, hitchhiked to Memphis in 1946.

After street art and playing in bands for gospel in Memphis one year, King had the opportunity to play on a popular radio radio organized by local harmonica legend Sonny Boy Williamson. Thence It offers regular concerts in clubs of Beale Street. Shortly after, got a season of BB WDIA to host a radio spot, singing and playing blues records in the self-appointed air Beale Street Blues Boy name, shortening it to BB King. His first recordings were in 1949, Sam Phillips of Sun Records, but her first success came in December 1951 with its new version of Lowell Fulson "Three O'Clock Blues." Scored four hits number one R & B from 1951 and 1954, maintaining that his signature "You Upset Me Baby."

In 1955, King had left his WDIA radio program, bought a bus, and started a tour of the country. In 1958, the bus hit a gas truck on a bridge in Texas. Although the king, nor any of its affiliates were on the bus at the time, the truck driver was killed. It took several years the king to pay his debts after the accident.

Although the king is still very popular with the black audience, who had not yet published the Chitlin Circuit. This radically changed for the king with the recording of "Live at the Regal" a live recording of a show in Chicago South Side blues club in 1964. This recording is often referred to as one of the best records ever made life.

It was his performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1967, which became BB to a wider audience. Meanwhile, while many British guitarists make tribute to American blues artists, King hit and landing in the UK Tour opening for the Rolling Stones American tour sixth.

In 1970, King recorded his famous song "The Thrill Is Gone." Immediately recognized the power of the first notes acute in his sonorous voice, the agreement is not only a staple of his shows, but also a song that every blues guitarist worthy of the name has an obligation learn.

His companion group most famous has always been "Lucille" guitars named an incident in Twist, Arkansas. During the show, two men began fighting, a kerosene heater was expelled again, and sometimes framed wooden club was on fire. King escaped but ran inside to save his beloved guitar, just to make a living. When King learned that the fight was over a woman named Lucille, King named his guitar Lucille to all serve as a reminder to never do anything that reckless again. Gibson issued a special commemorative stamp BB King signature edition of the famous ES-335 with the name, of course, Lucille.

King said from the beginning I wanted to be an ambassador of the blues in the world, like Louis Armstrong did with jazz and what he did. Among his distinctive blues guitar riffs are elements rock, jazz and gospel resulting in his unique style. King did not sing or play the chords you play. King sings in a warm and friendly skilfully elements of pain and humor, and when you stop the voice of Lucille takes the song where King left off, taking a round robin of the singer and guitarist, call and response in the rich tradition of the Delta.

BB has always been a tireless artist. In the beginning as a musician in trouble, I used to play up to four tickets per night, making it back to WDIA in time for their turn in the air. His touring schedule is legendary, now it is estimated that early eighties, King played in the neighborhood of twenty thousand concerts in his career and is managing more than two hundred concerts a year. It is easy to see how long it was, seems to speak more in their sample of play these days, but when He is King, emotion still there.

It is impossible to know how long we'll have any. He won Grammy Awards, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame Blues and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and received several honorary doctorates, but always direct links with the land rich Delta Green and the tradition that heavy. Do not miss the opportunity to see Stock blues while you can, go see The King of the Blues.

free blues guitar play along