Learn Play Guitar With Metallica

learn play guitar with metallica
Learn To Play Metallica Volume 2 – Guitar Lessons By Andy James

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It is good to learn songs on acoustic guitar and / or electric?

I like the songs more melodic songs with my agreements. I know these songs: the acoustic guitar: Hotel California (Eagles) Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin) Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) Hey Jude (The Beatles) Let It Be (The Beatles) All the World Hurts (REM) Dream On (Aerosmith) Dust in the Wind (Kansas) Canon in D (Pachelbel) Sunshine of Your Love (Cream) Greensleeves (Stratovarius) midsummers Dream (Triumph) The Unforgiven (Metallica) and some movie soundtracks and video games like Mario and Harry Potter and the electric guitar: Enter Sandman (Metallica) Highway To Hell (ACDC) Stratosphere (Stratovarius (… and I'm learning)) beast and the prostitute (Avenged Sevenfold) Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) One (Metallica (can not play solo reality) Smell like teen spirit (Nirvana) What I've Done (Linkin Park) I love rock and Roll (Joan Jett) So thank you all they can but I know some others do not have it in my mind … PY is blues songs plz

For sound: By air, John Mayer, My Hero, Paramore (cover) for electricity, My Hero, Foo Fighters (original) Bold As Love, John Mayer, the heart of life, John Mayer, who is just some songs I like, but they are suggestions ps, I love you your list of songs up there:]

learn play guitar with metallica

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