Play Guitar Through Sound Card

play guitar through sound card
The Smiths – This Charming Man (guitar cover)

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i bought custom cable to connect my guitar to my team?

I bought a / 4 inch guitar cable USB at one end. software that came with the breeze. when connected I can save my game, but when I play what I recorded silence only gives me the length that I recorded. and I can adjust my guitar with the software. so I know that the signal is coming, but no sound from the speakers. I also downloaded audacity Overloud and AmpliTube. and the same in all cases. is something wrong with my sound card, or do I buy something else?

The hardware is obviously working. You do something wrong with the software, either during recording or playback. If the state is a waveform Silence is the registration phase. If the state is not silence, but it seems that silence is ruining play somehow. Sorry, I can not say exactly what to do with this SW. Ideally, an experienced user to get home to see him. I will probably immediately say "you must uncheck mute box "or something like that. One potential problem is that it works more than one piece SW, at the same time, and one may have a USB device.

play guitar through sound card