How To Play Guitar And Harmonica

how to play guitar and harmonica
How to Play Rhythm Guitar for Rack Harmonica

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Is it hard to play the harmonica?

I just found one in an old cupboard sounds good …. Is it difficult to learn? and the amount practice is that? What should I do? I already play guitar, and I think that would be my focus is playing very well.

It is easy … do not need a book …. only good lungs and the practice of some .. It takes a lot of wind power using a harp long runs without loss of consciousness. Are harmonic notes. You may Greenland G, C or D. .. etc. Whatever the key is your harp is the key that will be involved If you play in a different key, you need a different harp. Harmoncia good players, harps are many concerts … because the songs are different …., in the keys can also get a free hand to support the harp, so you can play the guitar and harp, at the same time.

how to play guitar and harmonica