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Guitar amp noise problem

If you want to play Eric Clapton songs on the guitar are a few things to consider Eric to make a sound unique.

Amp guitar noise problem

Eric T his guitar Fender? No, Eric Clapton could make almost any guitar sound good. Eric plays with some emotion and sensitivity uncommon guitarists of rock and blues.

The secret to play Eric Clapton is to understand how to choose their ropes and ladders to help care for a song. Here … Tips for the famous sound of Clapton.

Tip 1. Use the Aeolian mode on their own.

Although most content to play the guitar minor pentatonic scale in many cases, preference Eric is the Aeolian mode.

The Aeolian mode contains all notes of the pentatonic minor with the addition of two more notes.

Here are some examples:

D = D pentatonic minor, F, G, A and C

D wind mode contains = D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C

The importance of the two notes thereto Play riffs and existing patterns quickly and accurately, click here to create a very large musical tension. The musical tension is due to the distance of a semitone. A semitone is the distance from one fret of a guitar. When playing in wind mode D on your opinion of the guitar between a semitone between E and F notes and the notes A and Bb

You can hear a good example of Eric playing a solo on the basis of D wind mode if you listen to "Layla" Clapton Unplugged album in. In the latter uses Eric combination of D wind mode and scale D blues.

Tip No. 2. Play the strings of power for quick chord changes.

When playing songs Clapton or fast songs with chord changes rapidly agreements in common use.

The most popular type the cord is simply an account of two agreements have used the honor and fifth. It is very common for these agreements are indicated as "5" for example, agreements, C5, G5, D5, etc.

Eric Clapton using such agreements are Layla (the original electric) Sunshine Of Your Love, cocaine.

Tip No. 3. Learn to play the 12 bar blues.

Being able to identify a song recognizing it as essential to learn songs quickly.

Here is an example a 12-bar blues in the key of E.

E / / / | A / / / | E / / / | E / / / |

A / / / | A / / / | E / / / | E ////|

B / / / | A / / / | E / / / | E ///||

There are two songs on the album Clapton Unplugged using this exact format. Both "Before you accuse me" and blues "malted milk" is based on the blues bar 12 form.

In the hands of a performer's experience as a performer Eric Clapton music these simple materials can be very effective.

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fender guitar amps

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