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learn guitar through video
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Classical guitar ??????

I intend to learn to play classical guitar by myself through videos, etc. I know it is better to have an instructor, but my right situation permits. I was looking for a classical guitar and found they are generally considered good. I know they are all cheap guitars, but they are all I can allow me at this time as a student. I was wondering if you could give an idea of these guitars and offer some key advice for someone looking to start playing. Thank you! Takamine G124-$ 160 Fender cn90-alvarez $ 160 $ 150 RC210-Ibanez Ibanez GA5 $ 150-G100-$ 200

Well, these economic instruments. However, the appellant is a bit hard junk 🙂 Despite a very good classical guitars cost thousands dollars does not mean you can not get something useful from them. If that's what you can afford, then there is no sense in the dream, right? In all cases, is a good idea to test the waters of a less expensive guitar and departing from there. From there, I'd go with the Takamine or Ibanez G100 if I were you. Stay away from Fender. They make great guitars, but still manage to make some real rags in the acoustic domain. Both Takamine and Ibanez are brands that build large instruments for gambling. The Alvarez would be my option # 3. Oh, and please do not take too much attention to some of the wrong people humor here. I wish you all the best of your game 🙂

learn guitar through video