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play guitar hero 2 online for free
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What do you think is better, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour?

Rockband 2 has just been announced starting this September for the Xbox 360 version only.PS3 comes later. Rockband 2 is compatiable with all previous instruments. In addition, all DLC is a rock band compatible for more information RB2.For information, visit the following link: Guitar Hero World Tour will release this month of September for PS3, 360, PS2 and Wii.The Wii version will download music, play online, and all other versions have.GHWT also allow you to create your own songs and download Gh tunes in tunes.GH is a free service where you can play songs from other people who have created and upload your own drums comes songs.GHWT buffer with 5 feet and the rest, unlike rockband pads.It 4 also has two cymbols. The guitar is bigger and has a touch bar.For, go to this link: Personally, I do because I love GH WT and RB2 as fully, you need a RB. What do you think?

To fully as Rock Band 2, which did not need Rock Band 1. In fact, compatibility with the DAC actually a selling point for me. The fact that there will need to purchase songs or change discs play the songs you have purchased and it is great. However, to answer your question … I can not say it's even better … have not seen screenshots at all and did not hear songs that are in the game setlist will be the most important factor for me.

play guitar hero 2 online for free