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Does the index finger move when playing M-A scales on classical guitar?

I am going through triplet and sixteenth-note scales right now. I’m okay with im & mi (I think), but I’m having trouble with ma and am.

When I do these scales, my index finger wants to stay still and not move. Is this correct? My pinky finger moves along with my a finger, but my i finger does not move along with my m finger. I kind of just stick my thumb (p) to my i finger and keep them both still while moving the others. I have a feeling this is wrong.

I can’t find any help online (videos would be great) and I won’t be able to see my teacher for a few months.

Could someone help? Thanks
Fender: Well I can practice all I want (and I do) but if I’m not doing it correctly, then it’s pretty much pointless isn’t it? I’m just practicing incorrectly. That’s why I asked this question.

Thanks for nothing.

Let’s have some REAL ANSWERS please.

Hhaha that happens to me too
tho i just started
maybe you should just practice

play guitar scales online