Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time

best acoustic guitar players of all time
The best 17 acoustic guitar player/singer alive

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How do you get on bullying to try a guitar in a store?

Never go to a guitar shop and get bullied all the best players? Or worse, is completely silent, with a few people who can hear everything I'm doing? I really want to buy an acoustic guitar (Guitar), and I know that the best way is to try, but I'm totally crazy when get to the store. Besides, I want to disturb employees with a lot of questions, but I have to. What should I try to play a guitar? I'm kind of a rookie and playing mostly acoustic, so do not expect me to know all lame. It might be useful if I brought a friend? O arrived in a less busy time?

just do your own thing is that you must be happy with the sound and action do not worry all agencies have played for over 30 years and some are 13 years who will make me jump into the store Music is not iintimidated

best acoustic guitar players of all time