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Moh Heroes 2 Wii online question? I can play online?

I recently went to the house of a friend and started playing cod4 online, and now I really want is a fps online. Unfortunately, I have a Wii, and of course the only fps that you can play heroes-Fi is the Ministry of Health 2. Now what I really want to know wheather or not I could play online from the Department of Health. Some information on my wii and connection into account. "Your connected to the Internet via a wireless router. + This is a Linksys WRT54G." My Internet is not exactly the fastest guy: + Your Maxiis called (it is a local Internet connection) + Live Midwest Illinois is my Internet will not as soon as broudband "I have some games you can play on wifi + Guitar Hero 3 + Mario Kart (DS) + The Chännle Wii Shop, Nintendo Chännle, news CHANNL Chännle and weather, but I can not download all the votes or the Check Mii Chännle Chännle. + I can not play SSBB online + some delay So the experience i could play online if I get the Ministry of Health?

Yes, you can play online with the Ministry of Health Heroes 2. I have a crappy connection that is also Linksys, and I can play lag online experience and only occasionally. Great shooter in first person in line, you'll love.

play guitar hero online now