Guitar Player Magazine Covers

guitar player magazine covers
Jodee Frawlee Guitar player magazine Guitar superstar 2010 finalist melodic shred

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Ok, people.May I please ask you? To answer with the song, band, and original i Album.And Thanks …?

You You want to be an angel want to be a star Do you want to play some Majic on my guitar? Want to be a poet, I do not want to be my string? It could be what you want to be the lover of another Undercover? It could even be the man on the moon You want to be the player that you want to be on TV? Let me tell you does not mean a thing when you see this case buried in disguise by the dark glass, in his eyes While his flesh has crystallized yet, you put me Want to be the pillow where I lay my head? You do not want to be the feathers lying in my bed? Want to be a magazine cover in color, creating a scene each day a little sad, a little crazy, give me a scale that I want to be a singer Want to be the song Let me tell you something that could not be more wrong You see, I really have to say everything becomes so intense is my experience does not seem to make sense

Banda: Emerson, Lake and Palmer Title: But …. You Turn Me On album SALAD BRAIN SURGERY "

guitar player magazine covers

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