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learn to play guitar amazon
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Beginner: A question arises as to learn the guitar?

I am interested in the guitar and I decided to learn by myself. Here are some questions I am confused about. 1. I played the violin when I was in elementary school (can not remember not much tho) and I am a flute player, so at least I have a basic knowledge of music, it will be easier if I have to learn by myself (If so, what books are good for beginners?)? Or do I take classes (I do not want to take the guitar and flute at the same time cuz it will be a distraction)? 2. I'm considering buying this guitar http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000FIZISQ/ref=mp_s_a_1?qid=1295806823&sr=8-1 Does this look like a good year for me? Although I am a beginner, I still want a good quality guitar. Are these guitars usually come with holster transport and take it? Or should I buy separately? 3. People usually play with peaks? I mean he has to play the guitar? Or is it just personal preference?

If you do not want to take vocational courses, for now, your best option to learn to play guitar is to visit your music store and buy a copy of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method House Book One. Inside are instructions in the tuning, maintenance basic agreements, and especially the theory of music can learn to read music for guitar. The book is with or without CD and the rising cost of 9.00 $ CD. If you do each exercise in the theory section of music for each channel to have a good knowledge of learning to play music. The exercises are simple and easy to understand. Most of my students have learned the basics with this book and you can you. Also take a quality book rope, while the music store. The book for beginners that I mentioned some of the basic chords to learn. Teams are not required to first learn to play guitar, but later, when you want strength and a better projection, you can start using barbed guitar. Learn to play the guitar can be difficult for those who set limits for them. If you can not tolerate some temporary discomfort due to pain in fingers not have the patience to practice every day to build the calluses necessary. Once the streets have been constructed and that has made its way almost the entire book will be nothing that can not stop development. I wish you success.

learn to play guitar amazon

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