Learn Guitar Perfect Pitch

learn guitar perfect pitch
How to Get a Country Guitar Tone : How to Get Perfect Tone For Country Guitar

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Is it true that you need to learn the acoustic guitar before becoming a highly skilled guitarist?

People tell me to learn before electrical noise, so that I can be a man guitarist and my goal in life to become a rock star …. I know this is not very likely, but you can always try at least … I say that I need to develop absolute pitch (I think that's what is.It is the thing where you can play any song by ear) and more power and can not be learned in acoustics. I have an acoustic guitar, I play for 3 months Unless I play metal songs like Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman.I played the piano for 4 years and then left, but because she kept in mind that I like classic rock and not music.So, with years of piano practice, I developed a good location, but not yet perfect.All I want to do is be able to dance in my guitar.But his stupid crap that is holding me back.Can someone help me?

I do not think that's true. Acoustic and electric guitars are essentially the same way, do not see why we should learn each other's presence. Get an electric one. You get more effects and other ways to get the sound you want. If you're going to be playing metal, just get an electric guitar. Do not let your hopes for his return.

learn guitar perfect pitch