Did Jimi Hendrix Play Guitar Upside Down

did jimi hendrix play guitar upside down
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How can I teach myself to play bass when I'm right-handed?

I am the right hand and plays guitar with his right hand, but now I began learning the bass and I want to mingle and make you feel different, if playing the guitar completelty. I play bass with his right hand, but the game is lefty (Like Jimi Hendrix did with his guitar) I just want to know how I can teach me to play the sleeve of my right hand and holds the cords in the opposite direction at the same time. Has anyone Can you help me?

Ritchie Blackmore is left handed and plays guitar right. He asserts that, in fact, part of the reason for his amazing skill. If you want to learn the bottom left, simply lift the strings, neck, nuts, and the president upside down (I recommend a luthier do so unless there's enough guitar chops repair) to its neck in his right hand and pluck the strings with his right hand. Jimi Hendrix would be playing on the rise guitar on the road. I do not recommend it. Although possible, it will give you many unnecessary problems that you do not really need. Hope this helps to that all walls fall

did jimi hendrix play guitar upside down