Flamenco Guitar Lesson

flamenco guitar lesson
Flamenco Guitar Lessons

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What kind of music sounds like bossa nova, but sad and played with a mandolin? Sounds Italian or Spanish?

The guitar sounds like bossa nova. Fingerpicking jazz chords and no doubt, but I'm not sure. I do not know if there is still a lot of bossa nova sad, but you do not hear much talk. The guitar just sounded like bossa nova arrangements for most minors. It looked like the old Spanish Italian music or old, especially as the mandolin. What style of music is present and this style of guitar because I really want to get lessons on how to play this kind of guitar. Oh, and it was more slower all I heard flamenco I saw in a park. I really do not know what I can say about it.

For more information, the name of artist song?

flamenco guitar lesson