How To Play Guitar Self Taught

how to play guitar self taught
How to Play Guitar Like Tommy Bolin – Example 1a – Guitar Lessons

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guitar scales better to start?

I played rhythm guitar (self taught) for 3 years. Im 16 if that counts as the speed with which they could learn the scales. Set of Metal and I would say my playing the guitar is intermediate or slightly higher but not alone at all. I never really use my pinky, which is a poor technique. What do I learn the lines, in the first place? How long can I To be able to play fast? What are good exercises to strengthen my little finger? Thank you in advance

You should start with only the pentatonic scale and the blues scale. They can be used for any kind of music and are easy to use for solos. You may want to learn the harmonic minor and as for playing metal. The strengthening of the fingers, what I do is to keep a tennis ball around when I do something like watch TV or use the computer and press a dozen times in a few days. There are tools like Gripmaster that are designed to strengthen your fingers and you can use one of these.

how to play guitar self taught