Play Guitar While Singing

play guitar while singing
Myles Kennedy Talks About Singing While Playing Guitar

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Help to sing properly while the guitar?

Hello, Wwhenever try to play guitar and sing at the same time, I'm not leaving on time with my singing, or my game is totally false and I do not know what I do and marasmus. Any advice on how to stop this and be able to play and sing well together? Thank you:)

Many people have dealt with this subject. Not much of a solution, but the best thing you can do is practice playing the chords until you can feel throughout the song without thinking. It's one thing to play while we focus, but Once you start singing that we will be dividing his attention in the middle. Another tactic might be to simply play the bass (lowest) score for each string that you sing. That, and try to keep the tempo and rhythm with your body – when I sit and play guitar I think it's very helpful to Bob's head on the first beat of each measure. Yes, you look really stupid to do it, but did an excellent job to keep pace. By playing with a metronome, if you have one.

play guitar while singing