How To Play Guitar Scales Strings

how to play guitar scales strings
Major & Minor Guitar Scales & Patterns : How to Play A Minor Guitar Scales

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guitar scales for beginners?

A month ago I bought my first guitar, electric guitar, but I'm having now a period of total lack of interest in play. I think it's because they can not play anything I know of two scales, but I do not even know what they are. What I'm looking for only on scales that can be stored, which could contribute to improve, and perhaps more motivated to play. What do I learn scales, which are easy to Starter? Can anyone link me to a video site that tells you exactly which frets and strings, to play? Currently I am unable to get a teacher because I completely broke, so it is off question. Currently, I play what I think is the G Major scale: from the low E, 3-5/2-3-5/2-4-5. Is right? Also, I can play (even once, I think) the pentatonic minor: from the low E, 5-8/5-7/5-7/5-7/5-8/5- 8. If the correct names?

You are entitled to the names of scale, and no doubt there are good books on the scales and modes (like Alfredo guitar scales and modes). I agree with GtarCzar However, you should start to learn the chords and notes that they are on the first pitch. Learn to read maps music and chords. Most series lesson and that will lead you through the initial concepts will be playing things like armor, scales and modes. In addition, once you learn all notes in the first position moves the second, third, fourth, etc. (after reaching this point there are excellent books on the study position). The books are very cheap, but they can not afford it, go online and find online tutorials on these subjects. However, I am agree that they must learn the basic chords and notes in first position the first.

how to play guitar scales strings