Play Guitar Through Chord Diagrams

play guitar through chord diagrams
Paper Jamz Rhythm Guitar Chord Charts

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The guitar is a bad idea to think of all the measures and a half …?

visually in terms of a piano keyboard? I grew up playing the piano and so when I think of the agreements, such as M11 or otherwise, on paper (if I have the guitar in hand is another matter), but Sometimes when I go by chords / arpeggios on paper or in my head when I'm not playing, it's easier for me to see the notes in terms of keyboard layout, I guess it is linear instead of, uh, 3-dimensional believe that because of the strings .. (I do exactly the notes of the assignment and diagrams agreements, where I'm probably just a back line 1-3 5-B7-B9 or another so you can use a generic way, independently major) Is it better to be a bad idea? Should I tell myself to see the notes on the strings? When I am perhaps learn the notes, you should let it slide until I put into practice the procedures on the ropes? Or is this the end be more harmful to the learning process as a whole? Thank you!

Hey, if it works to help you understand scales and chords, then fine. It is easier to visualize agreements or scales on a keyboard piano on a fretboard, IMO – and I do not play piano 🙂 Then at some point you have to transcribe the scales and chords on the guitar, keyboard, but knowing what notes you are looking forward to making the guitar easier.

play guitar through chord diagrams

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