How To Learn Guitar Keys

how to learn guitar keys
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How can I learn guitar scales?

I played guitar for a while now and my favorite part of it is to play solos, riffs, licks, etc. .. But my problem is that I want to know everything you can about the balance. But I have no idea where to start! I want to be able to play all levels up and down the neck in any key you need. What I mean is that if for example I played in the key of A, I want to be able to have the ability to improvise or be able to see all the options available to me in this key. I know it takes practice, but I do not know where to start? The scale I mastered the pentatonic minor and would grateful if anyone has any advice on where to go from here to broaden my horizons and teach myself full details scales.

Hello is a good rule of thumb for learning scales in all positions and be able to bind to 3 different positions at least. The secret is to learn all the ways a particular key of your choice. Then all you need do is increase or decrease the neck to change the password. Typing is the same. This is one of the best links for chords, scales, modes and progressions. Good Luck

how to learn guitar keys