Guitar Lessons For Kids

guitar lessons for kids
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Teaching guitar lessons?

I play gitar for 6 years and I know all the basics. well, I need a job for months winter. Do u think this idea guitar lessons to children correct? From experience, what is good and bad side. and is there any way I teach. how to get some books or just do my thing? Just curious. Thank you:):) PS: I am 18 years old

Teaching music is a great tool to win extra money. I used to teach piano and voice before I got my degree in education. Some of his students want to learn from a guitar method. I suggest to consider a number of different options in your local music store and then when you find one you like, tell the student's parent (or student if an adult) to buy the first time they start to get to course. Some may want to learn current songs, the question is, do you teach them to read music or just play by ear? You'll get an idea of what you are looking after a few lessons, but with a method book will save you having to buy music for different each student. You can ask a few shops that offer guitar lessons to see what the rates in your area and put some signs in your neighborhood. Sometimes there are local magazines that have a section of the public announcement that you can advertise and can put an ad in the classifieds. Usually have a section for that. Have fun!

guitar lessons for kids