Play Guitar In Computer Keyboard

play guitar in computer keyboard
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Want to play a real instrument in garage band …?

I am looking forward to playing keyboard, guitar, bass and vocals on my macbook with GarageBand software. I try to connect my macbook instruments to obtain a purer sound you just recorded in my microphone. I have not the slightest knowledge i need this type of strings for each instrument to connect to my computer. Any help is appreciated. thank you!

You have to find an analog mixer which is connected to your system via USB. I included a link to some of the choices available from Yamaha, but once you read the book loads must be able to see what you need and what features are important to you and find the brands el cheapo if you are a beginner. Although you can connect an audio cable to an amplifier and know they have USB ports on your computer are, you should not be a problem.

play guitar in computer keyboard

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