Learn Guitar Blues Licks

learn guitar blues licks
Learn blues lead guitar licks John Mayer Buddy Guy style

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Where can I find a way to play cool licks on electric guitar?

i play guitar and have spent much time learning Internet songs. I do not sing and I just want to be able to post a chance that this is not a song or attempt to label anything.I, but could not find anything, but songs.I just want to play the guitar without playing a song.Where I can find a way to play solos and riffs that arent a song solo and pieces are not like a song? I like blues and rock.

Well, if you play your own original has to do it yourself. Think of your guitar as an extension of your mind. Close eyes and play what sounds good to your ears. There is no website or book that will teach you how becoming an original artist – that is purely between you and the amount of effort and practice you put into your art. Learn some scales would be useful for what you do – but you decide what notes to use in his solos.

learn guitar blues licks

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