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guitar learn play

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Is it true that you know how to play guitar when you learn to play acoustic guitar?

That's what my cousin told me. Oh and another thing: Is it true that when seniors learn to play guitar, used to forget what they have learned so the best time to learn is when you're young?

The theory of the guitar, loves the chord structure and the same thing for acoustic or electric guitar. Acoustic is harder to play because the sound is produced by ultmately their game instead of any amplification. Acoustic guitars are less tolerant when it comes to strings and patterns of feathers. Like to forget when it comes to learning as an oldest player there may be some truth in this, but the main reason to learn any instument at a younger age has less to do with age as it does in muscle and bone development. The ability to play much harder as they age because their bones and muscles must work a way that had not before. A young player will be able to adapt to the rigors of playing an instument such as guitar, piano or drums and most often be able to play the rest of their lives because their bodies offset voltages of the instrument.

guitar learn play