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learn to play guitar now
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I must learn to play guitar normal before I learn to play the electric guitar, or is it not necessary?

I no experience in any guitar and decided to start learning. I prefer the electric guitar to the normal guitar. Now, most people say they must first learn what normal, then the star of the electric guitar. I do not understand … PLEASE HELP !!!:((

Yes learning gives you the sound hits the most powerful electricity when they decide to move to again. It is also more difficult to play a sound. A lot more / larger the farther from the strings on the neck … In addition, strings are a bit more robust. Calloused fingers faster and gain more strength in the sound. This is not an easy instrument to play. Stick with it, practice a lot. Initially, the practice about 30 minutes will be all fingers and hands can stand. After a while you build, so you can play for an hour or more and really work on your technique. Do not start on electric. Move to power, once you feel comfortable with the acoustic there is less of a learning curve.

learn to play guitar now