How To Play Guitar Worship

how to play guitar worship
How to play Heart of Worship on guitar lesson instruction

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What are some good songs i can learn to play on bass?

I am barely going to learn how to play bass and my goal is to learn without using a pick, just using my fingers. I have experience playing guitar for 6 years so don’t go easy on the songs you choose. I want songs that will help me improve my technique in just playing the bass in general as i learn them. I want songs from these bands( i listen to them alot, i just don’t want to spend alot of time listening to the bass and deciding which to learn, although listening to them for hours on end sounds cool i am pretty busy) :
…And you will know us by the trail of dead
At The Drive In
Circa Survive
The Doors
Glassjaw (from the Worship and Tribute album)
Pink Floyd
Rage Against The machine
Silversun Pickups

or if you know of any other songs with a sick bass in it, please feel free to throw em out there.
Thanks, much appreciated.
I know that whole Doors situation and i was actually referring to their studio albums’ bass…I.E..Strange Days

You should learn any Rage Against the Machine song cause they all have great bass lines, I like playing songs off of their self titled album.
Tool is another band with some great bass. Check out songs like Schism, Hush, The Pot, and Forty Six & 2.
You can find a whole lot of good tabs at and some really accurate Tool tabs at

how to play guitar worship

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