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come out and play guitar pro
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I need an electric guitar or Xbox 360?

I had an Xbox 360, but I threw my RROD, now my parents say I can get another Xbox 360 (elite or professional) or I can get an electric guitar (any brand) I had a guitar B4, but it was a bit difficult to play, but now bcuz I'm easier to understand, so I do not know what to choose. Nothing to say! XBOX Games! plz easy 10 points oh yeah, and the next Xbox with 3 games, or guitar amp and wil come with box. So should I get?

get the guitar. Any man can sit in your basement and play, but need someone else to play the guitar. that will strengthen your brain and make you smarter. This is demonstrated. You can learn many interesting things on the guitar. I warn you that you can become an addiction, but I can play every day, and now has approximately 7 guitars. However, lets be creative and do what you want. You get to learn while having fun. when you look you could go with a Fender Stratocaster and a small roland cube or Marshall amplifier, which are reasonable and quality.

come out and play guitar pro

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