Easy To Learn Guitar Songs With Chords

easy to learn guitar songs with chords
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easy to learn songs on guitar?

I just got the guitar and want to learn to play. Do not really know what agreements and everything just met frets and strings. What are good songs and easy to learn, knowing the frets and strings?

If as a country, a call Faith Hill Fireflies … It has three chords, DA and G and I'm in the same situation and found it very easy, but like everything else, practice needs to do well. Here's a site I found. It's the same thing across the road, so it's easy enough, and the strings are too easy. http://www.e-chords.com/guitartab.asp?idmusica=95372&keyb=viola And here is one for the strings … I'm fine too … http://www.chordbook.com/guitarchords.php

easy to learn guitar songs with chords