Famous Jazz Guitar Players

famous jazz guitar players
Buddy Fite Greatest Jazz Guitarist plays Fly Me To The Moon

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I do not know what to do?

June 6.2006 formed my group called "SkateNaked!" and has been my dream to be famous and all that. But the group said they have no chance and natural talent as a drummer, the group says I have to learn to play guitar I find it hard better.But to learn and I'm spoiled, because the ability to play a concert or get great low.because there are many guitarists in the world and some REAL talent.But I band to go beyond emotional problems and to die happy my father (who dies because of smoking). However, the more I think I most want to quit. What do you think I should do?

never give in ur dreams that can do anything if you set the spirit of the heart. continue to try and get eventully Alaina said good luck =))

famous jazz guitar players

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